From sunrise to sunset, season to season, we do not know what hardship will fall upon our path. It is by faith and grace we do not stumble. And when we do, it is by faith and grace we rise again.


SO BEGINS the Mahari love story, at once a keen and fertile legend of a noble people who live by the Maker’s truth, mercy, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and resilience.  Survivor of Hu Mani, the Great Ruin of invasion and pestilence, ancient and wise King Hamrabi scribed the Word Tree to preserve the Mahari Way, in faith as a confident foretaste to coming generations: Learn the Words. Love the Words. Live the Words.


Now eight generations later the tribe’s lifeblood – and very existence – hangs in the balance. Without an heir to the throne there is doom for the Mahari Way, and an evil branch of the royal line seeks to destroy the kingdom. But at the right time, a prince is born, and Rahabem’s journey as heir to the Mantle, and the Mahari throne, is a path filled with the brace of loving community, adventure, friendship, and self-discovery. As he grows to fulfill his parcae, by grace he leads his people to an astonishing discovery and reunion with kinsmen from the Other Side, in redemption and fulfillment of the Maker’s Way.

The Illumination Book Awards are designed to “shine a light” on the best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview.


Iris Lee Underwood, author of The Mantle, accepts her medal from the Jenkins Group in Traverse City.

2019 Silver Medalist

Inspirational/Romance Category

Author Iris Lee Underwood accepts the silver medal for The Mantle.
Cover illustration for The Mantle.